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Pekingese Temperament

Pekingese dogs really are canine royalty in every sense of the word - and don't they just know it!

They can be very stubborn self-important animals, but at the same time make loyal, adorable companions.

They can be trained, but don't expect them to go out of therir way to please you. Unlike other dog breeds, Pekes want to know what's in it for them before doing anything they weren't planning on doing anyway!

The secret is to know your Pekingese for what it is and to not let it walk all over you (easier said than done, I know).

Pekes do make good family pets, although they tend to become attached to one person and can become jealous if they aren't the centre of that person's attention. They are good with children, provided that the children know how to play with and care for them properly.

Given their "lion heart", Pekingese dogs make very good guard dogs - packing a hefty punch for their size, but also prone to thinking they can punch above their weight :-) The Pekingese is generally a good watchdog even though it may think it is larger and braver than its size warrants.

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